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Courier service

SkyTrack system helps our clients like FedEx and CityEx to reduce the operational costs while increasing efficiency. The greatest reduction in cost comes from stopping unauthorized vehicle use and the fleet management system that optimizes maintenance and enables control of purchased fuel.

SkyTrack software is used by the dispatchers as basic work tools. They reduce the time of delivery and enable the dispatchers to send the closest delivery men to pick up packages in the middle of deliveries making the whole system more dynamical and efficient. Increased security and safety is also a factor in cost reduction.  SkyTrack workforce management system helps to identify drivers who drive carelessly or don’t drive economically, thus the system helps to reduce the cost of fuel, tires and repairs.

Business intelligence enables the user to see statistical data for one or all vehicles. That data contains information on long term usage of vehicles and how much are they used during that period. That information is key in planning to purchase new vehicles and choosing to reduce the size of the fleet.

Cutting cost and optimizing the vehicle fleet is a goal for the SkyTrack system and our clients and we strive to accomplish this together.

Solutions for courier service companies:

*  Tracking
*  Navigation & communication
*  Routing

*  Delivery optimization
*  Workforce management system
*  Business intelligence


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Courier service:

Cutting costs

Increased efficiency

Shorter delivery

Reduced maintenance and fuel costs

Fleet optimization

Filtering of expensive or harmful drivers

Increased safety of workers and fleet